How to pack Your Domain to using clouldflare

wapact dns How to pack Your Domain to using clouldflare

Hello Friend, Its Me Prayertitus. Do you have problem of packing domain to your wapkuz site? dn't worry again am by your side.
1. goto, login, if you don't have account before, just register

2. add your #domain e.g

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3. it will scan, after scanning click continue

4. click dns and click A Record use www as name and use as IPV4 click add record after, click continue

5. you will be given new dns e.g, (it varies)

6. now login to your domain registrar admin panel,

7. and add your domian new dns provided by cloudflare respectively

8. log to you wapkuz admin panel and add your doman. (if its nt parked immediatly, wait for few munites or an hour for the dns to propergate)